World’s first: Visolva brings cleaning-free shower siphon to market

World’s first: Visolva brings cleaning-free shower siphon to market

The “Visolva® Flow” cleaning-free siphon is the first product of its kind · Clogged and malodorous drains are a thing of the past · Visolva offers a 10-year guarantee on the siphon

Under the name of “Visolva Flow”, the innovative Swiss Start-up Visolva® has developed a groundbreaking world novelty, a cleaning-free shower siphon. This unique and patent-pending product is the result of intensive collaboration between product designers and engineers who have developed an innovative solution to a common bathroom problem.

The modern bathroom has long been more than just a place for personal hygiene, but also an oasis of peace and relaxation. However, this feel-good atmosphere is often disturbed by unpleasant odours caused by debris in the siphon. With the “Visolva Flow” siphon, this problem is a thing of the past. The revolutionary solution is inspired by the natural shape of rivers, allows water to flow smoothly and prevents the siphon from clogging. Thanks to the unique design, no more residue gets stuck.

In addition, the company is also helping to protect the environment with its “Visolva Flow” cleaning-free siphon. Every year in Germany alone, 20,000 tonnes or 1,000 tanker trucks of drain cleaner full of chemicals flow down the domestic pipes – that is anything but sustainable! The suction effect inside the siphon accelerates the water so much that every particle of dirt is carried away, making the use of drain cleaners a thing of the past.

An overview of the product benefits:

  • High flow rate: Thanks to the S-shape inspired by nature, there are no areas where water can slow down or stop.
  • Preventing dirt: No hair or dirt gets stuck. Where nothing builds up, nothing can smell bad either.
  • No stagnant water in the shower tray: Thanks to rapid drainage, there is no stagnant water in the shower tray. Soapy and slippery surfaces belong to the past.
  • Optimum sealing water height: “Visolva Flow” prevents faster drying and the associated odour nuisance, and also counteracts the suction effect of e.g. extractor fans.
  • Swiss quality: “Visolva Flow” has been developed and is also manufactured in Switzerland.
Visolva Flow Siphon

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Visolva develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality products and solutions for the home, improving safety and comfort. Our high level of innovation and unique know-how make us a leader in product development for the home.

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